Adopt your pets from your local shelter… don’t buy from pet stores!


I am so proud of the City of Richmond, just outside Vancouver (actually its where the Vancouver Airport is). In October 2010 the BCSPCA reported that Richmond would be the first Canadain City to ban the sale of puppies in its pet stores and thus prevent the sale of puppy mill pups.

Puppy Mills make thousands of dollars selling puppies that are bred from dogs that live their lives to repeatedly breed in small cages and under horrendous conditions.  Reputable breeders do not sell to pet stores.  Puppy mills are successful in the Vancouver lower mainland because people are looking for small breeds to be able to satisfy their condo living and strata regulations.  These small breed dogs are perfect for cages and small confined quarters, and the puppies that are taken to pet stores are taken from malnourished and tortured parents.  Animal Advocates in BC reports from their investigations that the situation is out of control.  The pictures from their investigations in areas like Salmon Arm and the lower mainland are heart breaking.

Once again this is a case of consumer ignorance.  People who buy puppies at pet stores are not bad people, they just do not know or understand where these dogs come from, and the industry they are supporting.

When it comes to adopting a kitten or dog, or any animal actually… look no further than your local shelter.  If you want a small breed dog, its not as difficult as you think to find a small dog using a non-profit search on .  I have been looking into adopting a dog for my mom, (but my mom feels not ready for another dog quite yet).  I have found so many small adorable dogs that I have tried to convince mom to adopt… most recently from Action for Animals who had an adorable litter of Dashland/Chihuahua puppies!   I have also found that in the lower mainland it can be harder to find smaller dogs (not impossible but harder that a larger breed), but just over the border in the Yakima shelters there are always dogs of all sizes in need of homes.  Also, the people who run these shelters and donate their time really care about the dogs.  They have the dogs assessed by behaviourists and they feed, groom and care for the dogs in a humane and caring manner.

So please, do not buy your dog or pets from a newspaper, craigslist or pet store.  Go to and search from 1,000’s of non-profit shelters and save an animal in need…. I am atatching a Peta ad with Justin Beiber here… just because, hey, its Justin Beiber…LOL

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