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The Top 7 Thing YOU Need to Know about Vegan Makeup


Not all makeup is made equally.

A quick Google search will return a variety of disturbing articles about what’s inside makeup, to the point that it’s pretty hard to find the truth. It’s confusing, but there are some things you should know about your makeup, especially if you’re considering converting to a full vegan lifestyle. But remember, if you're determined to transition to vegan makeup, but accidentally purchase something that isn't vegan, don't stress! Slip-ups are bound to happen, but what’s most important is making a conscious choice to try and make the world a better plac

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Adopt your pets from your local shelter… don’t buy from pet stores!


I am so proud of the City of Richmond, just outside Vancouver (actually its where the Vancouver Airport is). In October 2010 the BCSPCA reported that Richmond would be the first Canadain City to ban the sale of puppies in its pet stores and thus prevent the sale of puppy mill pups.

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